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How does VALOR impact agriculture and the future leaders supporting the agricultural enterprise?

The VALOR program benefits those with an interest in social, political, and economic issues impacting food, fiber and natural resource industries. Class members and stakeholders diversely represent the entire spectrum of agricultural enterprise, ranging from local production to the development and manufacturing of specialty products destined for international markets. 

  • As a stakeholder, support of this program is truly an investment in the future.  Program alumni are expected to give back.  Examples include service on industry boards and in public office; changes in business practices to better meet the needs of agriculture producers, consumers, and service providers; and increased presence in the media to positively promote the story and importance of agriculture.
  • Experiential seminars facilitate collaborative participant engagement to address issues and related technological advancements facing agriculture in each local, state, national, and international setting. Successful communication for impact both inside and outside of the industry is effective.  As proven by others states, graduates of the program become change agents influencing the future of agriculture through opportunities designed to maximize shared and new experiences.
  • Agriculture in our nation is at an exciting crossroads. We are simultaneously embracing a resurgence of interest in where food comes from and how it impacts health and local economy, and addressing increasing influence and presence in a global marketplace as a provider for world populations.  Change agents and decision makers are critical in informing legislators about the issues facing agriculture today, and industry spokespeople are a product of programs like VALOR. 
  • Recipients of the VALOR fellowship will exhibit the ability to communicate the story of agriculture effectively to the public through media and grassroots policy development.  In addressing the critical decision making imperative to move the industry forward, it becomes valuable to facilitate a change in world view that incorporates a participant’s core values with new insight and skill obtained during opportunities that might not otherwise have been taken.  Collaboration and idea-sharing with others sharpens the ability to analyze issues quickly and critically in order to articulate a point of view.

Nominate a potential participant, contributor, or advisory council member to the VALOR program.

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"There are a lot of problems that arise in the agricultural industry and they need to be dealt with. So [leaders] need to be problem solvers and resourceful to find ways to solve those problems." 
- VALOR planning focus group participant

"I think some kind of experiential learning should be part of any development. And ideally, if you can, get a person outside their comfort zone [and] into a new environment or a new cultural environment." 
- VALOR planning focus group participant

"They have so many different [areas of] expertise, knowledge bases, and backgrounds within that group… probably half of what they learn is from each other."
- member of International Association of Programs for Agricultural Leadership


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