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Your Investment

Your personal and financial investment is crucial for your success in the fellowship.

Participation in the VALOR program has the potential to offer great return on investment. Active fellows and alumni will benefit from the respect and prestige associated with the program. Class members develop and strengthen lifelong skills while establishing a collaborative network of influential agricultural industry individuals.

The investment on the part of an individual and those they are associated with is substantial but manageable.


Each applicant must demonstrate the ability to be away from his/her enterprise for the duration of the two-year program. It is projected that this will encompass about 55 days over this time period. Seminars vary in length depending on destination within the state, the U.S., or abroad.

Program applicants must demonstrate that time to participate in the program is possible and provide written approval and support from his/her enterprise, business associate(s), employer, and/or family.


Applicants chosen for participation in the program will receive a fellowship.  The fellowships are considered to be prestigious given the level of support from stakeholders.  Each member of the class will be expected to pay a $5, 500 participation fee for the two-year program.

"Leadership development programs like VALOR are truly life changing experiences for the participants. The long term evidence is clear.  Program evaluation research has shown the impact on graduates is substantial.  Participants enhance their leadership skills, increase their self-confidence, take on new leadership roles, deepen their understanding of critical local, state, national and international issues, and develop a broad and diverse network of people resources to support their leadership in agriculture and in the community."
- Joe Waldrum, Executive Secretary International Association of Programs for Agricultural Leadership (IAPAL)

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Farm Credit of the Virginias paves the way to VALOR program endowment.  We want to THANK Farm Credit for establishing the VALOR Excellence Fund.  If you would like to donate visit our giving to VALOR page, or text 41444 to VCE.

Nominate a potential participant, contributor, or advisory council member to the VALOR program. 

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