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Program Overview

Virginia's Premier Leadership Development Program for Adults in Agriculture

Program Vision Statement

The Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR) program will provide a sustainable future for Virginia's agricultural community by maximizing potential for successful growth through a system of networking, collaborative decision-making, and development of strong leaders.


The VALOR program develops leaders who can effectively engage all segments of the Virginia agricultural community to create collaborative solutions and promote agriculture inside and outside of the industry.

Objectives of the VALOR program

  • Enhance awareness, respect, and profitability of Virginia’s diverse agricultural systems
  • Develop new partnerships and foster deeper collaboration across Virginia’s organizations, groups, and sectors
  • Improve communication and problem-solving ability of Virginia’s agricultural leaders
  • Increase civic engagement and public affairs involvement for Virginia’s agricultural community

Fellowship Participant Outcomes

Participants will be advocates for agriculture and leadership.

Participants will be able to influence policy makers.

Participants will have a deeper understanding of global agriculture.

Participants will be able to lead others to solutions for agricultural issues by using problem solving, collaborative decision making, and critical thinking skills.